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 Excellence with Super Simple Enterprise

 The development team at Super Simple Enterprise knows every related technology and is updated about every latest technical breakthrough. It uses the latest, the best and the most suitable technologies for client. Over the time, we have polished our development process which stands on the three pillars namely ‘customer service’, ‘user orientation’ and ‘agile development’. We have a team of expert professionals to work on your project, ensuring that your project is well supported by the experienced and expertise available in the market.
We are a company that understands the business of business application development inside and out.

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Super Simple Enterprise for Real Estate

The software offers easy management of all the vital processes involved in real estate companies involved in Houses & Apartments, Building & construction management,as well as construction business operating from different locations.

The software helps in enhancing the overall performance of the company by having complete control over the manpower,systematics flow of records with very well coordinated accounting and reporting solutions,manageable costing with negligible chances of errors.



  • Allows the Users to create the Project bookings directly from the Sales Order.
  • Flexibility to link the Sale Order with the Running Construction Projects.
  • The Project Deliverables history keeps track of all the Product/ Services like; Flats, Bungalows etc. to be delivered to the Customer.
  • Flexibility to divide the Projects in different Tasks / Subtasks depending on the requirement. Eg: The Project for construction of building could be divided into individual Flats as the Tasks & Subtasks.
  • It allows the user to allocate different Materials like; Cements, Bricks, Tar, Tiles etc..utilized in completing the construction of Buildings, Flats etc...
  • It allows the user to allocate Man hours utilized in completing the construction of Buildings, Flats, Roads, Dams, etc...
  • Provision of Invoicing each of the Construction Projects like Building, Flats, Roads, Dams, etc...