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 Excellence with Super Simple Enterprise

 The development team at Super Simple Enterprise knows every related technology and is updated about every latest technical breakthrough. It uses the latest, the best and the most suitable technologies for client. Over the time, we have polished our development process which stands on the three pillars namely ‘customer service’, ‘user orientation’ and ‘agile development’. We have a team of expert professionals to work on your project, ensuring that your project is well supported by the experienced and expertise available in the market.
We are a company that understands the business of business application development inside and out.

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Super Simple Enterprise Retail

The key features are as follows

 Generic Features of POS

  • Super clean interface for POS order entry
  • Work with the hardware you already have eg .Touch screen, Barcode scanner, Printer, Cash Drawer etc.
  • It can handle multiple orders at a time
  • Works in online - offline mode
  • Integrated with inventory management
  • Integrated with accounting module    

Enhanced Features

Loyalty Management

  • Provision to declare user defined rules to issue redeemable points
  • Points redemption rules definition
  • Rules can be defined for specific duration, product category or on sales invoice & on retail branch
  • User defined points redemption schemes
  • Keeping track of transaction wise points earned, redeemed & closing balance   

Gift Voucher Management

  • Provision to define gift vouchers with different denominations
  • Provision to define validity for each of gift voucher
  • Unique id for each gift voucher
  • Close monitoring/ validations on unauthorized gift vouchers
  • Gift Voucher redemption   

 Product Promotional Schemes

Promotional Schemes can be configured

  • For specific product category/ products
  • For specific date range
  • For different locations/ branches

 Offers following promotional types

  • Buy X, Get Y Free
  • Unit price discount (Amt.)
  • Unit price discount (%)
  • Quantity volume