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Super Simple Software Fleet Management

Super Simple Software Fleet  Management Software

Manage your vehicles effortlessly

Super Simple Software Fleet Management System integrates different functions in a transport company such as accounts, inventory, payroll, invoicing, insurance, asset management, vehicle maintenance, driver details, etc. Fleet Management software offers you a possibility to manage all your company vehicle's life cyle from the first contract with the leasing company to the services associated with the vehicle assigned to an employee.

SuperSimpleSoftware BusinessCenter Fleet Management software solutions


Super Simple Software Fleet Management System

SuperSimpleSoftware BusinessCenter erp for Fleet Management


  • Management of Fleet Maintenance Contracts including the Fleet Maintenance, Quotation, Fleet Maintenance Orders & its Invoicing.
  • Maintains a complete record of the Driver details like Name, Driving License, etc
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System for recording & analyzing various maintenance activities of the Vehicle.
  • Fuel Tracking help in monitoring Fuel consumption 
  • Maintenance of Fleet history includes all the relevant details of the vehicle like Model No., Engine Volume, Seats, License Plate, Fuel Type, Registration details, etc.
  • Easy to check the vehicle status and odometer values between two assignments.
  • Provision to generate the Work Orders for maintenance of the equipments & assigning the Spare parts required.




Contracts And Follow-ups



Manage all contracts for your vehicles and receive a warning email when a contract reaches its expiration date. Several visual tools are put in place to ensure that you'll remember to renew (or to end) your contract. No need of any specialized tracking system for company vehicles -With Super Simple ERP's Smart App you can keep a close eye on your fleet in just few simple clicks.


Variety of Customizable Reports


  • Fuel Consumption Reports
  • Fleet Maintenance Reports
  • Financial Statement Reports like P/L(Profit & Loss statement), Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance
  • Odometer Statement Reports


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Easy to Track Vehicles

super simple software Fleet Management solutions



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