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Super Simple Software ERP Solutions for Hotels

Hardware Interfaces

The Hotel Management Software will be placed on server shared with computers.

Software Interfaces

The room database will include the room numbers and if they are vacant or occupied.  The customers information database will contain all the information of the customer such as first name, last name, number of occupants, assigned room, default room rate(may be changed), phone number, whether or not the room is guaranteed, credit card number, confirmation number, automatic cancellation date, expected check in date and time, actual check in date and time, expected check out date and time, amount owed by customer, and abbreviated customer feedback.

Excellent Features to Manage Hotels


Track and manage guest participation in hotel-sponsored  activities ( Golfing, SPA facilities, horse riding, etc.).

Accounts Receivable

The ability to share the product database with Reservations,Profiles,Cashiering,and other components

Reservations and Booking System

SuperSimpleSoftware BusinessCenter erp for Hotel Management

  • Supports all major types of reservations : Individual, Party, Group and Block, Business account, travel agency, source, shared and wait listed .
  • Allows creating customer information system.
  • Has a default room rate which is adjustable.
  • Includes a description field for the changed rate.
  • When a customer checks in, the room number will be changed to occupied in the database.
  • Ability to modify a reservation.
  • When a customer checks out the amount owed is displayed.
  • Records for rooms available in the hotel.
  • Records payment.
  • Provision for customers to write feedback.
  • Attach alert messages to show reservations which can be displayed on screen at check-in, check-out or whenever the reservation is open.
  • Keep track of reservations and rooms availability.
  • Web Application Reservation System.

Hotel Accounts

  • Arranging guest charges, generating folios, handling settlements and check out, managing deposits ( inclusive and exclusive taxes).
  • Arranging for charge routing.
  • Handling routing limits and package allowance linking.
  • Handling settlement, check out .
  • Budget definition functionality.
  • Multi-cashier login.
  • Passer by folios for guest transactions .
  • Credit card authorizations and settlements.
  • Folio history.
  • Foreign currency exchange.

Rooms Management

  • Keep track of complete Housekeeping activity on daily basis.
  • Generate Attendant task sheets in a variety of formats.
  • Display the history of activity for a room.
  • Use the maintenance features to record guest and staff maintenance requests, view requests and keep track of request resolution.
  • Manage room assignment fairly through Queue Rooms features.


Provides a varied range of important catering related tools : event scheduling , guest room inventory , function space management and catering planning and menu selection.


Manage book traces and handle business block , quick business block , inquiry and  complimentary room .

Profiles and Memberships


  • Support membership features .
  • Membership Lookup and Enrolment.
  • Automatically calculating and awarding points .
  • Support Track it module for keeping tabs on guest luggage and lost articles.
  • File attachments, future, history.
  • Profile credit card and profile Revenue Buckets.


  • Standardize basic rate information.
  • Advanced rate restriction.
  • Attach unlimited number of packages to a rate.
  • Limited availability sales promotion.

Front desk

  • Managing arriving and in-house guests and accounts.
  • End of day
  • Support Income Audit feature for running procedures and reports for business days .

Additional Modules

  • Credit card interface.
  • Wakeup calls

Basic features

  • True 32-bit windows application.
  • Full network support.Customer support via phone , fax, email and website.
  • Completely configurable as per property.


  • Customized reports.
  • Reports can be customized on certain level.
  • Password protected reports.



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