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Benifits of integrating ERP in Manufacturing

Process manufacturing could also be a way of constructing products using recipes or formulas. The raw components that structure an item often cannot be detached or far away from the ultimate product after production. Process manufacturing relies on the flow of sequential steps, with the completion of 1 step resulting at the beginning of the subsequent step. Process manufacturers often believe tracing and scheduling tools and software to require care of peak operational efficiency.

Process manufacturing may be associated with:
Recipes and Formulas
Mixes and Blends
Variable Ingredients
Identification of Parts by Attributes
Measurements of Weight or Volume

And, SuperSimpleERP has it all covered up. A software that centralizes your daily business processes into a master database capable of synchronizing key elements related not only to the work but also to finances, customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management, distribution management and human capital management (HCM). The mixing of those critical functions can boost productivity and increase revenue.

How does SuperSimpleERP benefit you?

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It has impacted manufacturing in areas like predictive maintenance, safety, and provide chain visibility and similar areas

Enhanced visibility: Increased visibility into operations across the full company – from production and warehouse to customer service – allowing key decision-makers to identify workflow improvements to save lots of costs.

Inventory reduction: Ability to identify slow-moving items and flag them for price reductions or relocation.

Faster financial decisions: Consolidated data provided in real-time, gives decision-makers direct insight into operations to assist them make faster, better decisions that positively impact productivity.

Optimized workflows: Enables improved communication and scheduling by completing tasks more quickly and accurately for a more integrated development process.

Automated processes: Key processes required to require a product to plug will be automated and optimized to attenuate downtime and speed the process.

Documenting supplier selection criteria: Ability to trace and monitor selection criteria accustomed to select suppliers. Different criteria may apply to differing types of suppliers; as an example, some products may require three suppliers, others must come from industry-leading suppliers, and still, others will come from the lowest-cost supplier.

Monitoring supplier performance: User dashboards track supplier performance and send alerts when pre-set criteria or standards are not met.

Improving internal controls: Ability to define approval workflows that meet regulatory standards.

Tracking transactions: Tracking and reporting any transactions that need compliance.

Monitoring changes: Enabling alerts and notifications when a process is out of compliance.

Improving security settings: Implement role-defined security settings and need verifiable electronic signatures to avoid approval of non-compliant changes such as cost or on-time and accurate deliveries.

Integrating with supplier systems: Providing direct, self-serve access to suppliers for electronic transmission of orders or invoices for faster processing.

Automated sales workflows: Moving a chance through the sales funnel automatically saves sales personnel from handling repetitive tasks which can be completed more effectively through an automatic workflow.

Improved customer relationships: a whole view of the customer or prospects enables better communication and customer services.

Improved lead generation: CRM systems with lead scoring can direct the efforts of the sales team to those leads with the very best probability of placing an order.

Selecting and implementing the correct integrated manufacturing systems are often a fancy process, but manufacturers cannot afford to be complacent. Partnering with the correct solution provider is essential to a successful ERP implementation that supports continued growth.

We at Super Simple ERP come with years of experience in catering this crucial need. It is now time you work with the best in the marketplace.

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